Monday, February 22, 2010

Why I love 40k...

Hey guys,
Since my blog is still very new so I am going to post something a little more personal. Why I love Warhammer 40k.

Just to explain something, I would call myself a semi-competitive gamer, of course, I don't like to lose (who does) but i still have a lot of fun doing it. A couple months back I went to my first tournament, got smashed, came last, and had tonnes of fun doing it (I'm actually planning on going there again, stay tuned).

The things I have to love is the thematics. Just picture this in your mind. As you bend down to check the line of sight from your Tactical marine to the opposite building, he runs across the ledge of the building to the closest window, takes aim on an opposing Chaos Marine and shoots, the shot hits and explodes in a loud bang, and the Chaos Marine falls out of the building, dead (poor thing, didn't make his armour save), and hits the ground with a loud thud quickly following. Likewise, as you roll your difficult terrain test and then charge in, picture your Genestealers creeping slowly behind a pack of unsuspecting pack of Tau (-riffic) Fire Warriors silently, as the Genestealers surround the Tau in the forest, the Fire Warriors only get a look at the Genestealers as they wonder if they will survive, but the genestealers are already plotting there next move through the forest. You get what I'm saying.

See, it's just great fun to get into a game like that and have that much fun.

Another thing I love about 40k is (cliche) how vast the whole universe is, and how (GW fanboy skills arise) Games Workshop has made it so easy to make your own Craftworld of Eldar, Chapter of Space Marines or even your own group of Aliens, or Space Pirates who roam the Warp...

Well, it was a mighty type, but I got out what i wanted to say about how much I love 40k.
Till next time,
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hey guys,

for the last two weeks, since last visit to the games club, I have been working on my 2000 point marine and my 1000 point nid lists and, of course, dad invites me and my sister up to his place (basically saying get your butts up to Sydney, I haven't seen you in ages). So, my club (and blog) plans were kinda destroyed, so, instead of a battle report I will do a rant on (Australian) Games Workshop stores.
Now, the Games Workshop stores can be useful for going to paint or buying direct products (if you still by normal boxes from GW stores, your doing it wrong). But if you want to get a game in, you shouldn't go to a GW store, you will be noobie swamped. I'm not saying it is bad to have to have a bunch of new gamers learning and playing with a store employee but if you focus on new players and cut off all of the veterans then they will either go out somewhere else or just go play other things (Warmachine, for example) and you will lose all of your gamers. And I don't think any games company would want that. And with new gamers, I having experience with this, will mostly fall out of hobby in a month or so un less they are intelligent and stick it out in the awesomest nerdsport ever...

Well, I feel good that I got all that out of my system, oh, and no matter how much I sound like it, I am not newbie bashing (we all were once!)
till next time,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Post...

Hey guys,
Welcome to my first post of my new blog. Throughout the blog I will talk about my obsession with Warhammer 40k, my gaming club and any other games that cross my path. I thought, since it is my first post, I will start with describing my local gaming club.

Now, I live in a small country town, about 1 and a half hours away from Sydney (Australia) and the one club we have is very small. It is run by a man (not a surprise) and his two kids (my age). So far, I have seen them as pretty nice people, the father has made three titans out of wood and painted them and from what I can see is the kids are pretty friendly (both having a great balance of competitiveness and humour). There is also a friendly Tau player, a smart Tyranid player, two guys that are kinda new to the hobby, and a couple of Warhammer players that are a bunch of cool guys. Overall, I am enjoying my new club at the moment.

Well, that's it for my first blog post, stay tuned for more... well... 40k Stuff!
Till next time,


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