Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finished Grombrindal!

Hey guys,
I haven't got much to say about these pics (for once) so here they are!

So there he is, I finished him last Thursday. The reason I'm putting him up so late is because I went on a Tennis tour for 3 days and I've been pretty lazy for the last 2 days.
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Growing Fleet Part #3

Hello everyone, and yes- TWO days in a row,
Now, if you remember all that time ago when I posted, I had a series starting up called "A Growing Fleet...". I believe it was about building my Tyranid army. So far I have done my Tyranid Prime Broodlord conversion and my Spore Mines. So this time, I thought I would do my first Gargoyle Brood.
Yes, Gargoyles- the flying Termagants. A bullet shield for Carnifexes, Genestealers, Warriors or even Trygons. Perferct for giving away friendly cover saves, or assisting in outnumbered combats.
The way I run my Gargoyles is with both Adrenal Glands and Toxin Sacs. A bit more expensive, but helps when you play up in your opositions grill (as I do).
Now the models. If you read the caption in the photo above the one above, you heard me rave about how easy they were to put together. But, these models were also very easy to paint. With mostly open areas (accept under the gun) the model is ready for anything you want (Hive Mind permitting ;).

So, two posts in two days. I'm proud of myself.
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Well well well...

Omigosh... Is it really??? It cant be! Yes it is!!! SPINNER!!!
Yes everyone, it really is me and I am on the earth, not posting in the afterlife. As hopefully some of you might have noticed, I have kinda, sorta, fallen off the radar of the internet. School work was hectic, with about 11 assignments due in a 3 day period of time, and I could not find the time, nor effort to post. I know, I know, I so lazy :(

But what do you say, why am posting now, well.
Yes everyone, it is finally holidays down here in Australia and I have some projects going on. I have been
employed to sell some things and I will be raking in the cash. My second project, well, I will show you in a sequence of pictures...


Yes! I recently received (as in yesterday) the invoice and the White Dwarf Model. I will be painting this over the week and hopefully will have a post with it in it next Monday.

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Till next time,


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