Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Well well well...

Omigosh... Is it really??? It cant be! Yes it is!!! SPINNER!!!
Yes everyone, it really is me and I am on the earth, not posting in the afterlife. As hopefully some of you might have noticed, I have kinda, sorta, fallen off the radar of the internet. School work was hectic, with about 11 assignments due in a 3 day period of time, and I could not find the time, nor effort to post. I know, I know, I so lazy :(

But what do you say, why am posting now, well.
Yes everyone, it is finally holidays down here in Australia and I have some projects going on. I have been
employed to sell some things and I will be raking in the cash. My second project, well, I will show you in a sequence of pictures...


Yes! I recently received (as in yesterday) the invoice and the White Dwarf Model. I will be painting this over the week and hopefully will have a post with it in it next Monday.

So, thats it for this one guys! Remember to follow this blog and follow me on Twitter @spinner5555.
Till next time,



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