Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lock 'n Load: Army List Building

Hey guys,
First off I would like to apologize for my recent lack of posts, I'm not going to use a lame excuse like to much school work or lack of sleep, but frankly, I have been going through those symptoms, if you will, and it is only my fault. But anyway, on the upside, because of end of financial year sales, my family has recently purchased a laptop notebook on the cheap and I will also be picking up some jobs on Internet programming, so that the money will be coming in and I will be able to do a lot more hobby.

To get on with it, today I will be debuting a new segment about tournament preparation called "Lock 'n Load". The inspiration for this is that I will be attending the "Lords of Terra" tournament in late July, some Aussie east coasters may have heard of it, and I thought no better way to go through my tournament preparation then to share it through posting thoughts and tutorials about it. So, in this post I will be going through the initial army list build.

The first thing I would recommend would be selecting good troops choices. This is where flexibility comes in. Being able to deliver firepower or hold objectives well. Some examples of good troop units are; 10 Tac marines, 30 Ork Boyz, 10 Plague Marines, 12 Fire Warriors.

I would then recommend choosing your other FOC slots. HQ's, Elites, Fast Attack, Heavy Support. HQ choices are good for either being a hammer unit, eg Farseer and Seer Council on jet bikes, or support characters, like lysander or eldrad. Good elite units are usually good when really shooty, or tank hunty, like Zoanthropes, or really assaulty, like Terminators in a land raider or Nobz. Fast Attack choices usefulness vary from army to arm and are mostly subjective, so I will not touch on any of these and anger anyone. Heavy Support choices are very good if used properly and are sometimes easily broken, like 3 land raiders, multiple long fang squads with missile launchers and relentless and 3 trygons/mawlocs.

Those are my thoughts on army building, so I thought I would show you my first draft of want I am planning to take.

Captain Galernus
Counts-as Lysander.

Epistolary Librarian (psychic powers Gate of Infinity and Nullzone).
Termi Armour with Storm Bolter.

10 man tac squad.
Flamer, Lascannon

5 man Scout squad
Heavy Bolter (Hellfire)

10 Man tac squad
Meltagun, Plasma Cannon.

5 man Tac Squad
Sarge has teleport homer.
Hunter-Killer Missile

5 man Termi Squad
Assault Cannon

Venerable Dread
Assault Cannon, Missile Launcher

5 Man Termi Squad
Heavy Flamer

Dev Squad
2 Heavy Bolters, 2 Missile Launcher

TOTAL: 1750

Well, that's it for the first Lock 'n Load. Remember to follow my blog and me on twitter @spinner5555.

Till Next Time,



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