Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finished Grombrindal!

Hey guys,
I haven't got much to say about these pics (for once) so here they are!

So there he is, I finished him last Thursday. The reason I'm putting him up so late is because I went on a Tennis tour for 3 days and I've been pretty lazy for the last 2 days.
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Growing Fleet Part #3

Hello everyone, and yes- TWO days in a row,
Now, if you remember all that time ago when I posted, I had a series starting up called "A Growing Fleet...". I believe it was about building my Tyranid army. So far I have done my Tyranid Prime Broodlord conversion and my Spore Mines. So this time, I thought I would do my first Gargoyle Brood.
Yes, Gargoyles- the flying Termagants. A bullet shield for Carnifexes, Genestealers, Warriors or even Trygons. Perferct for giving away friendly cover saves, or assisting in outnumbered combats.
The way I run my Gargoyles is with both Adrenal Glands and Toxin Sacs. A bit more expensive, but helps when you play up in your opositions grill (as I do).
Now the models. If you read the caption in the photo above the one above, you heard me rave about how easy they were to put together. But, these models were also very easy to paint. With mostly open areas (accept under the gun) the model is ready for anything you want (Hive Mind permitting ;).

So, two posts in two days. I'm proud of myself.
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Well well well...

Omigosh... Is it really??? It cant be! Yes it is!!! SPINNER!!!
Yes everyone, it really is me and I am on the earth, not posting in the afterlife. As hopefully some of you might have noticed, I have kinda, sorta, fallen off the radar of the internet. School work was hectic, with about 11 assignments due in a 3 day period of time, and I could not find the time, nor effort to post. I know, I know, I so lazy :(

But what do you say, why am posting now, well.
Yes everyone, it is finally holidays down here in Australia and I have some projects going on. I have been
employed to sell some things and I will be raking in the cash. My second project, well, I will show you in a sequence of pictures...


Yes! I recently received (as in yesterday) the invoice and the White Dwarf Model. I will be painting this over the week and hopefully will have a post with it in it next Monday.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hey guys,
First off I would like to apologize for my recent lack of posts, I'm not going to use a lame excuse like to much school work or lack of sleep, but frankly, I have been going through those symptoms, if you will, and it is only my fault. But anyway, on the upside, because of end of financial year sales, my family has recently purchased a laptop notebook on the cheap and I will also be picking up some jobs on Internet programming, so that the money will be coming in and I will be able to do a lot more hobby.

To get on with it, today I will be debuting a new segment about tournament preparation called "Lock 'n Load". The inspiration for this is that I will be attending the "Lords of Terra" tournament in late July, some Aussie east coasters may have heard of it, and I thought no better way to go through my tournament preparation then to share it through posting thoughts and tutorials about it. So, in this post I will be going through the initial army list build.

The first thing I would recommend would be selecting good troops choices. This is where flexibility comes in. Being able to deliver firepower or hold objectives well. Some examples of good troop units are; 10 Tac marines, 30 Ork Boyz, 10 Plague Marines, 12 Fire Warriors.

I would then recommend choosing your other FOC slots. HQ's, Elites, Fast Attack, Heavy Support. HQ choices are good for either being a hammer unit, eg Farseer and Seer Council on jet bikes, or support characters, like lysander or eldrad. Good elite units are usually good when really shooty, or tank hunty, like Zoanthropes, or really assaulty, like Terminators in a land raider or Nobz. Fast Attack choices usefulness vary from army to arm and are mostly subjective, so I will not touch on any of these and anger anyone. Heavy Support choices are very good if used properly and are sometimes easily broken, like 3 land raiders, multiple long fang squads with missile launchers and relentless and 3 trygons/mawlocs.

Those are my thoughts on army building, so I thought I would show you my first draft of want I am planning to take.

Captain Galernus
Counts-as Lysander.

Epistolary Librarian (psychic powers Gate of Infinity and Nullzone).
Termi Armour with Storm Bolter.

10 man tac squad.
Flamer, Lascannon

5 man Scout squad
Heavy Bolter (Hellfire)

10 Man tac squad
Meltagun, Plasma Cannon.

5 man Tac Squad
Sarge has teleport homer.
Hunter-Killer Missile

5 man Termi Squad
Assault Cannon

Venerable Dread
Assault Cannon, Missile Launcher

5 Man Termi Squad
Heavy Flamer

Dev Squad
2 Heavy Bolters, 2 Missile Launcher

TOTAL: 1750

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Till Next Time,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hey Guys,
As I said in the last post, I am trying to hit the blog hard, so hot off the presses, here is a review of the newly released expansion for Warhammer 40k "Spearhead".
Ok, Spearhead is a series of rules based on massive armies of armoured (Aussie spelling) forces clashing into each other on an epic battlefield. At the end of these battles, carnage is the only evidence of living things as everything is destroyed by the crushing strength of the massed armour that has crossed the now barren lands.

The main mechanic of Spearhead are apply named, Spearhead Formations. Spearhead Formations are units of tanks, walkers skimmers or even bikes that tread (or, speed) across the battlefield, decimating their enemies with massed fire power. They move and deploy exactly the same as the do usually. There are many different Spearhead Formations used for different reasons. Crusher Spearheads used for massing tank fire, Monstrous Spearheads for bringing the strength of monstrous creatures and even a Super-Heavy Spearhead to bring the stubbornness of a super-heavy vehicle to the playing field.

Organising a battle of Spearhead is not much different to a regular one. You pick forces, do battlefield prep, choose a mission and deployment, then deploy the forces. The differences aren't the steps, but are actually in the steps, if you get what I mean. First off, the force organisation chart hasn't changed except for the fact that Spearhead Formations are a seperate (Aussie spelling again) part of the chart. You may take one of every type of formation, so you could take 12, although I do not recommend it. The other two changes are the missions, which are based mostly on objective taking, and deployment, which do not encourage close quarter fighting. The missions are all based on objectives and scoring units. In Spearhead, scoring units are troop choices, as usual, all spearhead formations, as expected when trying to promote taking the formations, and all tank and walker units are scoring, wow, sounds like a good marketing strategy for selling models 'wink wink, nudge nudge'. Back on track now to the changes in the deployment, units, including Spearhead formations, now deploy off the short board edges.

I would play Spearhead with probably 2 HQ's and 2 strong Troop choices in transports, 2-4 Spearhead formations, depending on the pints level, and maybe some Elites or Heavy Supports, depending on your army, for tank/armour hunting.

My opinion on this expansion is it seems fun but it will not be regularly played by various gamer groups. It will not flop as much as planet strike but will not be as popular as apocalypse, maybe the same level a little bit higher then cities of death. On 1-10 gamer coolness rating, 1 being playing the "that guy" who is the jerk of the tournament to everyone, and a 10 being blowing up a Leman Russ with a deep striking gun drone, I would give this game a 6. Pretty good, but wont last a long time, only in my opinion. One part I can give a 10 is how Games Workshop produced it. A White Dwarf/PDF expansion in my mind is much better then a 50 page book of nothing that takes a month of no good releases (*cough* planetstrike *cough*).

Once again guys, thanks for reading, remember to follow the blog to your right and follow me on twitter @spinner5555.
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Monday, May 31, 2010

Hey guys,
First off I want to apologize sincerely for not posting in 1..2..3..4..5.. 6! Days.
Now, for this post I am going to make a response to the responses I have received from the community (mostly the DLT Forums), as there has been a lot of them (here is the post).

So to start off, the story of the hosts and the fall of 40k Radio has now expanded and the controversy has risen to boiling point. I will not post this as it is to much for me to handle but you can read about it here at "Blood of Kittens". My opinions have not changed from last week and will not as the story unfolds. That is all I will touch on as this is a very touchy subject.

Thanks for reading guys. Look for multiple posts over the next couple days as I have just received my new issue of White Dwarf and will be reviewing the new "Spearhead" expansion for Warhammer 40k.
Till next time!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

R.I.P. 40k Radio

Hey Guys,
As some of you may of heard, Spencer of 40k Radio has decided to close up shop and shut down the show. The friction first started after episode 68 of 40k Radio titled "Blood Angels Fashion Show" where host Jar Jar returned to the show yet again after being banned for saying the N word on their 2nd marathon show last year. A very aggravated email was then sent to Spencer saying:

"Thanks for bringing the racist a**hole back. Just so you know I have chatted with your sponsors regarding this and am trying to get them to drop you. I have a few others online doing the same. We have started a following and will try to topple and undermine you. I also hope that your affairs are all in order. Ever think that your wife’s miscarriage is due to your actions? I say good riddance, one less racist to be raised in the world. Its Instant Karma in my mind.
Again, I hope your affairs are in order. Seriously."

Spencer then responded on the 40k Radio website by saying:

"Wow! This is the type of people that play Warhammer 40K?  Jar Jar is back because I believe in giving people second chances. What kind of world do we live in, that you cannot give someone a second chance? He made a huge mistake and he apologized for it. I feel that he has a lot of knowledge to bring to this show and over the past 3 shows he has shown that.
I am always open to listen to listeners opinions…..but you Jack the Rippa and your cult like followers are just complete f**king idiots!"

Angry words from angry men, personally, I agree with Spencer, as most of us do. This, I believe, started to unravel the greatness that was 40k Radio. After this, another email came to Spencer's inbox threatening him and his family.

Spencer then made his final statement, it read:

"What a long crazy journey this has been! I want to thank each and everyone who listened to the show. You truly made it an enjoyable experience. Meeting you all at live events or on the chat or on the phone has been amazing. It is something I will never forget. In light of recent threats to myself and my family I have decided to close down the show. I did not start this to allow people a platform to attack my family. This is a show about little toy men….moving on little toy worlds. It was supposed to be fun. Personal attacks and threats take that fun away.
I will miss all of you.
Thanks for listening."
My opinion of this unfortunate is is that we all knew that 40k Radio was coming to it's final curtain call, after recent changes to the show, but it should not have ended this way. This is all about a game of toy soldiers fighting each other. This "Jack The Rippa" and whoever else would dare insult a man like Spencer are total idiots and disgraces to this whole community. I may sound like a total Spencer fanboy but to be honest, 40k Radio isn't my favourite podcast, but the effort him and any other podcasters out there put out is amazing. They spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on equipment to run their shows.

Thanks for reading, sorry for angryness at end, but that was my opinion.
Till next time,



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