Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Growing Fleet Part #3

Hello everyone, and yes- TWO days in a row,
Now, if you remember all that time ago when I posted, I had a series starting up called "A Growing Fleet...". I believe it was about building my Tyranid army. So far I have done my Tyranid Prime Broodlord conversion and my Spore Mines. So this time, I thought I would do my first Gargoyle Brood.
Yes, Gargoyles- the flying Termagants. A bullet shield for Carnifexes, Genestealers, Warriors or even Trygons. Perferct for giving away friendly cover saves, or assisting in outnumbered combats.
The way I run my Gargoyles is with both Adrenal Glands and Toxin Sacs. A bit more expensive, but helps when you play up in your opositions grill (as I do).
Now the models. If you read the caption in the photo above the one above, you heard me rave about how easy they were to put together. But, these models were also very easy to paint. With mostly open areas (accept under the gun) the model is ready for anything you want (Hive Mind permitting ;).

So, two posts in two days. I'm proud of myself.
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