Friday, April 16, 2010

Hey Guys,
Today I will be explaining how less and more effort in terrain can make a difference.In the image above, you see two similar shades of dark style desert sand (stay with me on these, there was a lot of difficulties this week). One was done in seven steps, one in nine. Which one do you think was done less steps?The one on the left (we'll call it, frame A.), was done in nine steps and the one on the right (we'll call it, Frame B.), was done in seven steps. Both very similar and both look good. Less effort, and soon to be found less paint, comes out to the same effect (with terrain, remember that).Here is a step-by-step guide to how to do both (obviously, I recommend going more the way of Frame B.).
Step 1:
Sand (not smoothed, what you do with bases and P.V.A. Glue) your base, terrain, etc.Step 2: Under coat (both Frames) with with a 1:1 mix of "Skull White" GW Paint and watered down P.V.A. Glue.Step 3: Base coat (both frames) with a slightly watered down "Scorched Brown" GW Paint.Step 4: For Frame A, overbrush a 1:1 mix of "Scorched Brown" GW Paint and "Dwarf Flesh" GW Paint.
For Frame B, overbrush "Dwarf Flesh" GW Paint.Step 5: For Frame A, lightly overbrush a 1:1 mix of "Scorched Brown" GW paint and "Tallarn Flesh" GW Foundation paint.
For Frame B, lightly overbrush "Tallarn Flesh" GW Foundtaion Paint.Step 6:For Frame A, drybrush "Tallarn Flesh" GW Foundation Paint.For Frame B, drybrush "Bleached Bone" GW Paint.

Step 7:For frame A, Drybrush a 1:1 mix of "Tallarn Flesh" GW Foundation Paint and "Dwarf Flesh" GW Paint.
Finish Frame B with a wash of Scorched Brown with a 2:1 water to paint ratio.
Step 8: For Frame A, drybrush "Bleached Bone" GW Paint.
Frame B. has been completed.
Step 9:Finish Frame A with a wash of Scorched Brown with a 2:1 water to paint ratio.I will say again, there is no difference in quality when time, effort and paint usage are varied (for terrain, very important just for terrain), as shown as an example in the pictures below.
Sanded Building.
Sanded Hill.
Sanded Meteor.
Sanded Base of Model.But, that is my opinion.

So, if you want to voice your opinion or inform me of a law suit you want to file against me for any Eye problems caused by reading this article and/or any R.S.I. problems caused by any excessive scrolling, please comment.
Thank you for reading my first big article (with pictures!!!),
Till next time,




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