Sunday, April 25, 2010

Introducing... The News

Hey guys,
Today I will be starting a new segment for my blog that will come along every one or two weeks. Here I will be looking at the new releases from big and small miniature companies alike. Some of you guys may have already read about these releases and I will just be giving my opinion on the items at the moment. Maybe as my blog gets bigger, I will be able to get some rumors and the news as it breaks. So, lets get to it...
We'll start with some news from our favourite games company to love to hate to love... Games Workshop. G.W. has released their second set of Blood Angels Along with an article apply named "Blood Angels:Specialist Troops Assembly and Painting". This article also includes some helpful starting tactics and the usual stuff. The link for the new B.A. models is here and the new article here.

G.W. has also announced the release of their "Honoured Imperium" Terrain Set. This set contains a wrecked piece of imperium chapel, Aquila concrete symbol (which looks like it has fallen off a building) and the long awaited Space Marine statue. This would be a great set for making a great Imperial army display board or city. To check that out click here. G.W. also posted a painting and guide, the link is here. And for all my American readers, Games Workshop has released their players pack for the upcoming 'Ard Boyz tournament. It contains approved armies, army size, prizes, round timings, score systems, store sign up sheets, tournament rules and a wicked cool poster. Check it out here.

To other news, Forge World has released some new models including Raven Guard vehicle doors, a new (and better looking) Ork Stompa, a cool looking Elysian Buggy, a cooler looker Elysian Accessory showing a bunch of troops sitting in a Valkyrie troops cabin and three Tauriffic Battlesuits. All the releases are obviously preparation for the forthcoming Imperial Armor: Volume #8.To check out these models, click here.

Now for some news from our favourite RPG development company, Fantasy Flight Games. F.F.G. has announced their upcoming expansion for their 40k roleplay game, Dark Heresy. Dark Heresy:Dead Stars is the third book in the Haarlocks Legacy Trilogy. I do not know much about roleplaying, so do what you want with it.

Now, for some Alternative Model Options...

Wargames Factory has put what up for pre-order, of course, their long awaited "Shock Troops" models to go with their Sci-Fi Great Coat Infantry line. Check them out here.

Miniature company Terragnosis has previewed a "Female Demonic Entity" mode. I am not sure of the size of this model, but if you are someone who wanted to do a Slaanesh themed Demon Army with a Bloodthirster, this would be a great model. Check it out here.

Antenocitis Workshop has released a set of two "G.O.T. Sentry Guns". These two models are perfect stratagems. Check the out here.

Miniature company Kromlech has announced upcoming releases including a model they call "Clanking destroyer" which could easily be a model used as a Killa-Can. Check it out here.

Critical Mass Gams have revealed previews of upcoming odels, including some Wolf looking assault walkers called "Towaska and Fenrir. There may be some size issues, but these might just be perfect for cyber-wolves. Check 'em out here.

Now to the world of bases...

Resin FX has their 25mm "D.U.I. Crash Site" series. These bases would be perfectfor an urbanized Ork Army. Check those out here.

Dragon Forge Designs has released their new line of "Sanctuary" resin bases. They come in 25mm, 40mm and 60mm round bases. These bases are great for an Inquistion army based in an old temple. Make sure to check these out here.

And I'll finish off with some tech news...

Lone Wolf Development has posted an article on their site about their up and coming ournament running program, "Tournament Ace". If you want to find more about it, or become a beta tester, I suggest you go to the link here.

So that does it for the first news segment.Remember to follow my blog and now my twitter @spinner5555. Follow me, and I will follow you (and that goes for both).
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