Sunday, May 9, 2010

Short story...

Hey guys,
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, it's been kinda hectic with school and stuff but anyway. I couldn't think of anything to post so I thought I would post this short story I have to write for an English assignment. I thought it would be good to familiarize my self with it and also get something out there. So, here we go.

A Longer Vengeance
by spinner5555
How would you fell if the person closest to you died? The sinking in your heart, the sheet of sadness that smothers you. This is how Jack Weston had felt since the 27Th of September, 2007. Since his Uncle had been killed.

The muggy skies were depressing in the Brazilian city. The coldness, the darkness, all this had made this location a scary place. The buildings had not helped the mood either, all of them grey with mostly shattered windows and bullet holes in the walls. This and the fact that there no birds in the sky had hinted to Jack that the city recently became a war zone.

Jack had been in a tall building in the middle of the city. The most part of the city was going from the North to the South, and on the East and West sides were the outskirts and then farm lands. the military term for Jacks position was called a Crows Nest. An area with vantage points and an arch of vision on all sides. Although it was a great position, Jack knew his enemy was smart enough to realize it was a viable location.

Jack had come to this city for one reason. Not the cold, not the depression, but for one man. This man, his target, was a middle age man and was identified by Jack's source as wearing a white suit with a purple tie. The target would be delivering a a briefcase to a building opposite his crows nest . The briefcase contained information on the killing of his Uncle. jack decided he had to retrieve the briefcase whether it meant taking the life of the deliverer or not.

On the fourth day of sitting and waiting in his crows nest, Jack had spotted his target. The man was walking towards a building across from Jack on the Eastern side of the city, wearing a white suit, carrying a briefcase. Jack focused his scope on the man. The target stopped walking in the middle of the road, and turned around. Jack prepared to take his shot before he noticed his targets blue, not purple tie.

Jack swerved his weapon as his finger fell on the trigger. The bullet narrowly missed the now realized decoy and hit the concrete pavement, making a massive split in the concrete and a large puff of smoke and rubble. the silence after his shot was deafening . Jack dropped to the ground instantly with a look of horror in his face as he listened to the burst of gunfire broke out from the adjacent buildings. As the screeching of the gunfire suddenly stopped, Jack knew he had to get out of the building and across the city to his safe house where his source was.

Jack took a smoke grenade off his chest and popped it in the crows nest as he made a quick burst for the door to the staircase, remembering something his uncle said to him when he was preparing for an assassination . "a hero is no braver then an ordinary man, but he is braver five minutes longer." This was the last thing Jacks Uncle said to him before he was killed.

He reached the bottom of the staircase and prepared himself for a final dash across the fifty metre long road. He ran as fast as he could, feeling the adrenaline flow through him. Ten metres away from the end of the road he saw a man wearing a white suit and a purple tie, take aim at him with a pistol. Jack felt a jolt in his chest as he fell to the ground. The man in the white suit with a purple tie stood over Jack in confusion as smoke started surrounding him. The bullet had luckily penetrated a smoke grenade on Jacks chest.

Jack tripped the man with his foot and pressed a pistol to his chest. "Where is the briefcase!" Jack yelled at the man. The man laughed, and Jack realized that it was long gone by now. Jack knew that the man had set this up to cause him pain, so he made his death slow and painful.

The End.

Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed it!
Till next time,



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