Monday, May 17, 2010

Hearing:Dark Heresy Review

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This is my first post for my new segment "Hearing". This segment will include reviews for may consumer products in the miniature wargaming world. I will be going into the specialities of different books, models, codex's, expansions and rulebook of everything I come into contact with in the miniature wargaming world. So, here is my first review...

The Dark Heresy Core Rulebook

This beautiful looking book, weighing at a massive 395 pages, starts off with a full double-page Imperial Map of  the Calixis Sector (don't know what this is, read more to find out). On the first page, a detailed, three page contents greets you. It then gives a quick explanation of all thirteen chapters and what a roleplaying game is. The book changes pace half way through the book from rules explanations and character creations, to multiple chapters about fluff and a detailed history of the Calixis Sector (which I will talk about next).

The Calixis Sector is located on the northern edge of the galaxy, in Segmentum Obscurus. It was conquered by Lord Militant Angevin, more then one thousand years ago. The Calixis Sector is heavily populated with many worlds important to Imperium. The Calixis Sector is filled with Chaos and Corruption, making it the perfect place for an Investigative RPG.

The Mechanics of Dark Heresy are very simple. Dark Heresy uses the d100 percentile mechanic for all skill tests and some character creation statistics. A very popular mechanic for FFG RPG's (wow).

Character creation is probably the second most time consuming parts of this RPG (of course, behind organising an adventure). But it is also one of the funnest. The vastness of the 40k universe with the combination of innovative careers make the game fun and flavourful (it brings it to a 'howel 'nuva 'leval, click this link if you don't get it).

The cost of this book is $59.95 US and is well worth. Overall this game is brilliantly made and well produced. I would not recommend this to a first time role player as it is complicated, but could work if it is introduced by a long time role player. On my gaming coolness from 1-10 (one being LARPing and ten being the awesomeness of painting 40k in between playing Halo and COD), I give this a 7 out of 10.

Well, I guess that's it's for my first review, as all things do, the reviews will get better over time. Thanks for reading and remember to subscribe to the blog and my twitter @spinner5555.
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FoxPhoenix135 said...

If you thought this game was rad, you should try rogue trader. It'll blow your socks off!

xSpinner_xD said...

Absolutely, i want to get my hands on that book...


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