Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Growing Fleet Part #2

Hey guys,
This is the Second Part of my Tyranid Army Building Series. The first part was called Tyranid Army Start, and "A Growing Fleet" will now be the title of this segment. So here is part two...

Spore Mines

I use my Spore Mines as a preliminary bombardment almost, putting them in two squads of three. In the beginning, I try to place them dropping on the flanks or on weaker units, at the end, I try to drop them on objectives (objective mission) or severely reduced squads (kill points). I use them as an early game (or late game) moral breaker, or to get rid of pesky units with two or three men.

The only reason I take these models in my army is because I own them and they are an easy points filler. People would argue that they absorb shots but I don't think the enemy wants to shoot at something that could blow up there units. They also don't want to waste shots in a kill points game on a unit that doesn't give away a kill point.

So that's my spore mines, I hope you enjoyed the pics and the reading material.
Till next time,



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